Discuss What Is a Political Community.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on What Is a Political Community. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Political communities represent phenomena that are real in the real social setting that can be delineated as empirical concepts and outcomes of social actions that are subject to being evaluated in a normative sense. It is, however, essential to differentiate between their legitimacy on one side and their actual development on the other side. Normally, the creation or development of political community is a complicated process that is impelled by a number of reasons which include power battles in the social environment that revolve around partial interests as opposed to arguments that are reasonable. However, political community can develop in any whatever way, it needs a good level of legitimacy so as to continue being in existence.
A political community necessitates legitimacy which is manifested in a variety of normative calls that come about together with the order recognized in the political community. The first part involves the claims of the people representing it and the officials to the obliging force of their decisions, secondly, is the claim of the members and the inhabitants of the political community to the appropriateness of the norms and practices of the political community. The third aspect is the claim of its neighbors and the surrounding community to the bearableness of the external effects of the political community.
The concept of legimaticy of a political community, however, has an infamous ambiguity which can be interpreted both in normative sense and descriptive sense. The issues of legitimacy surrounding political communities may also assume two different courses. one being the empirical inquiry, which questions whether the political community is recognized by the applicable groupings.

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