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Discussion 2: Workforce ReadinessThis Discussion focuses on the skills employees need to be prepared for careers. Before you post to this Discussion, review and reflect on this week’s Learning Resources related to the job search process and the differences between skills and talents. In particular, review the “Five Vital Steps to the Job Search Process” document. Also, review the article “Alumni Perceptions of Workforce Readiness.”With these thoughts in mindBy Day 3Post a response to the following:Discuss an interesting finding from the article “Alumni Perceptions of Workforce Readiness.” Discuss what you found surprising. As of now, what are your post-degree plans?Note: Be sure to support the responses within your initial Discussion assignment post, and in your colleague reply, with information obtained from the assigned Learning Resources, including a Reference list for sources used. For information regarding how your Discussion assignment will be evaluated, please review the grading rubric located in the Course Information area of the course.
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