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Peer 2 Discussion Post:
The article that I choose to research about is related to the increase in Wildfires throughout Europe and the effects of wildfires has on the environment. Wildfires have more recently in the last few decades have become an often occurrence for many parts of the forest that are dry. In 1804 William Clark was one of the first to witness a wildfire. At the time he was in what is now Northern California when he noticed a small fire in the trees that grew. This was the beginning of wild fire discoveries. Wildfires mainly start at the hands of human activity. Ecologist Jennifer Balch from the University of Colorado has discovered that 84% of wildfires are caused by humans, and 90% of wildfires in California are due to human activity. Factors that also contribute to wildfires are the gases in the greenhouse warming, and measuring weather patterns. In the early 1930’s scientist Guy Callendar created one of the first models that measured climate change. He also concluded that if people developed enough CO2 into the air, that would raise the worlds average temperature.
When responding to your peers’ posts, consider how the work of the scientists they chose has influenced the modern world. Why does their research matter to us as individuals? Are there any connections to the natural-science topic you identified in your news article?

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