Discussion A: African-American Art Comparison

In the nineteenth century, African-American artists worked in a variety of media and subject matter. This painting and this ceramic vessel obviously are very different, as are the backgrounds of the artists who created them. For whom were these objects made? What different meanings might be read from them? In what ways might they be similar? Review the discussion of both pieces in Chapter 3. Write a sentence or two about each piece, then discuss in what ways they might be related OR find two similar African-American artworks from the nineteenth century to discuss and analyze. You may ADD examples or information from the internet. Please NOTE source(s) used.
Discussion B: The Potlatch
Read the section in Chapter 3 addressing the Northwest Coast Indian potlatch. What was/is the potlatch? Why, do you think, it was made illegal in the 19th century? Search online and find out more about the history of the potlatch and the ceremonial art used. Make sure to cite your source(s).
Can you find any examples of contemporary potlatch art? Here is a contemporary guitar by William Kuhnley.

Each Discussion should be 500+ word, so total 1000+ word!
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