Discussion Benefits of Intelligent Infrastructure on Us Buildings.

Need help with my writing homework on Benefits of Intelligent Infrastructure on Us Buildings. Write a 1500 word paper answering; The essay highlights some of the intelligent infrastructures installed in buildings as well as the benefits accrued from the use of such infrastructures in US buildings.
To begin with, intelligent infrastructure entails several parameters that are coordinated in a systematic way in order to produce an intended desirable result. According to Igoe, an ‘intelligent building’ is made up of “sensors, switches, and systems contained within the infrastructure of the building (that) are networked, communicating with each other and with a human operator through a control interface” (2007, p.1). In this case, systems such as air handling units, lighting, surveillance, safety, parking and water management are integrated by use of IT making it easy for the managers and tenants of buildings to be able to monitor and manage different utilities and services that add value to the property at ease (Madsen, 2008).
Intelligent infrastructure in buildings has several benefits that are enjoyed by both the tenants and managers of such buildings. Firstly, intelligent infrastructure reduces operational costs for managers by facilitating accurate and timely monitoring of systems that consume intense energy (Madsen, 2008). Careful monitoring of systems such as air handling unit and lighting could help minimize total costs incurred in energy consumed to operate them since intelligent infrastructure can help to maintain regulated logins and logoffs. Further, intelligent infrastructure can also assist in the detection of faulty circuits that could lead to excessive consumption of energy. An example of how intelligent infrastructure helps in reduction of operating costs is demonstrated by a campus developed by Ave Maria University. According to Madsen, the estimated operational costs were $3.60 to $4.25 per square feet but were reduced to $3.15 through integrated systems.

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