Discussion on an outline on Professional Reading Development.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Professional Reading Development. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Further, 67% of students belonging to the treatment group met the Government Performance Reporting Act guidelines of achieving a language rating of at least 85 compared to only 40% for the control group (Dail and McGee, 2011, p. 167).&nbsp. Summarizing the results of their experience as project directors, Dial and McGee (2011, p. 168) concluded that a PD approach in reading is associated with success.&nbsp.
Carlisle et al. (2011) compared three professional development (PD) in reading among the first grades. They concluded that supporting teachers through seminars, evaluation, and coaching best leads teachers towards useful instructions among first graders. In the process of sharing their results, the authors pointed out that professional development in reading is the best means of improving teachers’ competence in content areas that result in an improvement of instructions (Carlisle et al., 2011, p. 13). According to the authors, significant professional development in reading is characterized by in-depth subject matter knowledge as well as knowledge on how students learn content, commitment, course coherence and integration, participation and active learning, and institutional and professional support (Carlisle et al., 2011, p. 214). &nbsp.The authors cited several cases that indicate that reading instructions are successful if a professional development approach is used. For instance, according to the authors, the PD initiative among 17 poverty and low-achieving schools in Washington and Houston, as carried by B. Floorman and L. Moats, has been considered very successful. One crucial argument forwarded by Carlisle et al. (2011, p. 230) is that PD is successful because teachers respond well to the approach.
&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. In a commissioned study in 2005-06, one of the researches questions the U.S. Department of Education was to determine the effects of professional development on student reading achievement (NCEERA or National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance, 2009, p.&nbsp.

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