Discussion on analytical and experimental determination of internal forces in members of three trusses.

Create a 14 pages page paper that discusses analytical and experimental determination of internal forces in members of three trusses. Strains were recorded in each truss member whereby strain was measured by SR-4 strain gages that were attached to each member (two gages per member with one gage on either side of the member). The comparison between analytical and experimental values shows consistency in the nature of forces (members under tension or compression). The comparison in the form of absolute and percent error shows high levels of experimental accuracy.
Engineers design and construct various structures including bridges, houses and trusses just to mention a few. Engineering structures, such as a bridge, are supposed to carry a given load (design load) without failure with some allowance for additional loads, such as from wind. This calls for engineering design, which involves the determination of the most applicable shape of the structure, the best material to use and the consequent determination of dimensions for every structural member. The determination of best material and material dimensions are aimed to ensure that the structure under consideration does not fail upon load application through the intended use of the structure.
An engineering structure is a combination of members so arranged and joined that they facilitate the structure to perform its intended task. When loaded, different members experience different forces in terms of magnitude and direction whereby some members are under tension and others are under compression. It is important to determine the magnitude of the force on every structural member and the direction of the force, which aids in designing various structural members so that they can withstand forces in them. This determination is also important in coming up with and selecting the best structural design that promises the best economy in terms of the number of elements and dimensions of each element.

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There are two methods of analyzing forces in structural members, which include the method of joints and the section method.&nbsp.
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