Discussion on Being a Just Person.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Being a Just Person. Plato’s “Republic” renders a predominantly fascinating debate on the subject of justice and the composition and development of just action. Socrates has explained the quality of a moral and just character by giving the example of a soul and a city named “Gallipolis.”
The claim needs to explain justice’s nature in terms of an imaginary city that symbolizes justice from all corners. But if wealth is associated with happiness, would such a city is needed to be wealthy? For explaining his claim, he emphasizes that such a city can be considered to be happy as a whole and cannot be restricted into two significant segments of rich and poor people. And to remain a just city it has been said that “I think the answer is this: let the city grow so long as there is unity among its inhabitants and consent to its government. If we accept this as a proper answer, we must hand down another instruction to our guardians: Lett, our city, be neither small nor large. let it be united and self-sufficient” (423c). Then to explain the virtue of courage to be inherent in the city, Socrates explains that since bravery and courage are most often related to those segments that are assigned the duty of guarding the nation, i.e., the armed forces. So, such a conviction is to be made a fundamental part of the city’s rulers’ education. To explain his claim, he makes use of an analogy with dyers. According to Socrates, “Well, then, consider dyers. When they wish to dye wool so that it will hold fast the true sea—purple color, they begin by choosing white wool, then they prepare and dress the wool with great care so that the white may perfectly absorb the purple. Only then does the dyeing begin. What is dyed in this way is color-last, and neither soap nor lye can dull the color brilliance” (429 d). The reason for this comparison was that if the armed forces are adequately educated, then they will take on the institutional colors like a dye and will be able to resist solvents such as pleasures that may fade their determination. To instill courage and dedication within the army, the claim made by Socrates to educate them properly is well justified by the analogy made with a dyer.
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