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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Case Perspective. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. As he approaches the SAT exam, the teachers’ concern towards his ability to make a successful transition to secondary school is warranted. While most of his peers are able to write and read well, he struggles with such basic skills, which demonstrate his inability to catch up with his colleagues (Jones, Bailey & Jacob, 2014). The situation at home affects Darren more than the younger sister whose performance and school attendance are impressive.
This report only provides the tough environment that Darren lives in but does not indicate that he suffers from any learning and cognitive conditions. He is healthy, active and plays football with his friends within the school playground during break time, a demonstration that his condition is not in any way medical. Since he was enrolled into the school, Darren has struggled academically, scoring low marks and making little progress towards improving his reading and writing skills (Wininger & Norman, 2010). With his energy and deceptively happy life covered with a smiling face, Darren faces some psychological issues that must be addressed in order to help him improve his performance. He also demonstrates strong athletic abilities by engaging in sporting activities within the school during break time with his close group of friends.
Cognitive abilities are characteristics that arise from predisposition and a learning environment which are manifested in the level of creativity, intelligence and motivation. Students who have poor cognitive abilities can develop various conditions associated with learning disabilities, which include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia and even speech disorders (Rodriguez-Campos, et al., 2014). Darren performs poorly in his exams and cannot communicate effectively in class as compared with his peers, a situation that is attributed to his environment. With his father incarcerated for an unknown period of time and the mother absent from home most of the time, Darren lacks the motivation and abilities to develop like a normal child (Jones, Bailey & Jacob, 2014).

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