Discussion on comparison between anarchism and liberalism

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on comparison between anarchism and liberalism Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Contemporary liberals believe that a government is the main stronghold. Although the ideology is effective, the overdependence on a government causes them to lose a chance of running a reliable democratic state. The two ideologies present a strong argument that is acceptable on paper but when they could not be implemented in today’s society due to individual influences and alternative conception.
Anarchism’s main ideology is that a society can effectively sustain itself in a free community that lacks any form of authority. Anarchists view liberalism as an organization that is established to create liberty for wealth while enslaving the masses. According to Emma Goldman’s (2008) description of anarchism, liberalism, and anarchism are linked in that anarchism is based on liberty that is unrestricted by any form of man-made laws.1 Anarchists believe that a government creates a form of competitiveness for power that results in social disorder and thus moral depravity therefore when a government is abolished, people will join hands in a community based on communal aid and understanding without a centralized form of authority. In contrast, liberalism is the exact opposite because the main ideology behind it is the classical liberal’s idea concerning economic, political, and social liberties while using the government as the main tool for achieving the goal. Liberalism looks at the government as the main solution to the failure of capitalism.
Based on Kropotkin’s (1955) argument, 67 percent of cats that are brought in court each year have direct or indirect origin to the distribution of wealth in the society thus the idea of liberalism is described as a failure.3 This can be interpreted to means that because liberalism creates social classes thus un-wealth people end up committing crimes since they need to fulfill their basic needs which were denied to them by the uneven distribution of wealth.

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