Discussion on Comparison Pratt’s. Therefore, presentation of conflict and tranquility at individual, local, social and international levels form the major components of contact zones.

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In that vein, media, time periods, traditions and faculties form major points of reference while exploring a film. Consequently, zones describe and identify origins of conflict. explanations on how occurrences of conflicts reach others and to strive to understand ways that ordinary statesmen can work for peace (Grossman, 2013). Mary concept of contact zones encompasses colonialism, slavery, and results as is witnessed in various parts of the world. Mary eventually uses the word to reconsider most models of communities that many people use to teach and theorize conflicts in the world today. It is important to note that, Guaman Poma huge letter to Philip III exemplifies some social complexities that culminate to conquests and empires. The letter was written in two languages, Spanish and Quechua and in two parts. Nueva is the name of the first part that was constituted of the main official discourses.
New chronicles by Guaman Poma’s gives an instance that mary proposes to call an autoethnographic text. A text that individuals undertake to describe themselves in ways that other people talk of them in presentations they make (Grossman, 2013). Unlike ethnographic texts used by people in European metropolitan subjects to represent themselves, autoethnography represent texts that the so-defined others develop in response to other texts. Important to note, autoethnogrsphics are not equivalent to autochthonous way of expression or self-representation that many fondly mistake. Rather, it involves choosing collaborations that can are appropriated with idioms of the conqueror (Grossman, 2013).

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