Discussion on confessions of a mask: yukio mishima.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses confessions of a mask: yukio mishima. As the title of the literature implies, the story is concerned with the ways in which the narrator presents or conceals his identity. The concealment of the identity is made possible through the use of a mask. The true identity of the narrator is what the culture finds objectionable and dirty, and the narrator adopts a persona or the mask that affords him some degree of acceptance in his culture. Since the narrator lacks the qualities of what is inherently considered to be of normal individuals, he learns to how to mimic these qualities through the observation of his peers. He can live a life of what is culturally accepted as normal. The book is about the young Japanese boy trying to reconcile his sexual orientation with an intolerant Japanese society and culture.
The narrator’s public identity, however, is a mere performance, a mask of sorts because it lacks substance. While he understands the requirements of his role, he knows little of the character he plays and shows. He behaves and acts almost mechanical like an actor as the culture of the society expects without seeing the underlying reasons for the adopted behavior. The narrator, therefore, has worn a mask that hides his true identity in order to fully fit into the society’s demands and what it considers and views to be normal. The confession of a mask is divided into four chapters that depict the narrator in a different light. The first describes the beginnings of the narrator, named Kochan, from the early times of his birth and upbringing to his pre-adolescence. The book is narrated through the first perspective of his life, and it is well written. He is brought up by his grandmother after she takes him from his parents for reasons that are not mentioned. As a one-year-old boy, the narrator falls a flight of stairs injuring his head (Mishima 7).
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