Discussion on dr.pepper snapple company’s vision and mission.

Write 8 pages thesis on the topic dr.pepper snapple company’s vision and mission. Each of the above companies enjoys a substantial market share that sustains its profitability (Kotler and Kevin 87). Additionally, they constitute Dr. Pepper Snapple Group’s competition in the manufacturing segment. The major competitors in the bottling segment of the business are the Pepsi Bottling Group and Coca Cola enterprises and numerous other small-scale companies.
The soft drinks market is largely a feature that motivates the various competitors to employ various production and marketing strategies in order to grow their market share. Coca Cola and Pepsi are arguably the largest companies in the world. They enjoy a relatively larger market share both locally and internationally does Dr. Pepper Snapple Group does. In North America, DPS is the third largest soft drink manufacturing after the two. Additionally, the company does not enjoy a significant share of the global market. It generates more than 85% of its revenue from the local market. This arises from the various manufacturing, distribution and marketing difficulties the company continues to encounter in its attempt to globalize the brand. As such, the company concentrates on growing its local market in North America.
Just as is the case in any other industry, operations in the soft drinks industry are dynamic with the various companies changing their production, distribution and marketing strategies in order to resonate with the changing tastes and preferences in the market. The various companies, therefore, struggle to build recognizable brands since brand recognition is a major factor in competition. DPS is not any different. the company has strived to develop various recognizable brands, which it continues to position both locally and internationally. Key among its major brands are 7Up, Clamato, Crush, Diet Rite and Dr. Pepper among many others. The company carries out extensive marketing with the view of acquiring a profitable market share for its various brands (Blick 55). The development of various brands is the company’s major marketing strategy. most of the other companies operating in the industry employ the strategy in their attempt to grow their markets.

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