Discussion on Drive Cycle Optimisation for Pollution Reduction.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Drive Cycle Optimisation for Pollution Reduction. Your paper should be a minimum of 2750 words in length. In the future, the drive-cycle parameters contributing to vehicle fuel consumption could be optimized to lower automobile exhaust’s impact on environmental degradation.
Automobile exhaust is a significant contributor to greenhouse gases globally. Out of the global fossil fuel consumption, around 37% is consumed for automobile fuel and industrial purposes [1]. A number of nations have adopted differing greenhouse gas emission standards to lower automobile exhausts. The more stringent standards in this regard have been implemented by Japan and Europe [2]. The various drive cycles associated with differing greenhouse gas emissions standards can be utilized in order to decipher factors that contribute to automobile exhaust and hence environmental degradation [3]. The current research utilizes the European recommended greenhouse gas standard for vehicle exhaust known better as the New European Drive Cycle (NEDC) for researching factors contributing to automobile exhaust. The central contention is to map the contributing factors and fuel consumption in automobiles to produce a mathematical relationship that can be optimized later. This paper will look into the methods used and the resulting mathematical relationship between automobile fuel consumption and its contributing factors.
The NEDC is more aggressive when compared to other drive cycles such as the Japanese cycle or previous European drive cycles [4]. Drive cycles can be segmented into distinct phases that are utilized to emulate real-life driving conditions. A large number of drive cycles rely on differentiated drive cycle phases such as highway driving, suburban driving, motorway driving, etc. [5]. In comparison, the NEDC is composed in large part only of the urban driving cycle and the extra-urban driving cycle. It is felt that most urban drivers experience these driving cycle modes more often than other driving cycle modes such as motorway driving.

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