Discussion on Effects of School Uniforms on Students.

Write 5 pages with APA style on Effects of School Uniforms on Students. It improves their behavior both in and out of school. Most importantly, it enhances the school climate and thus the attitudes of students towards education and their future. However, some students claim that school uniforms suppress their individuality and freedom of expression.
School uniforms play a large role in masking differences in students and preventing them from forming groups related to their wardrobe. For instance, without uniforms, those students who wore a certain type of clothing would likely form a clique, thus leading to the creation of invisible barriers within the student body. On the other hand, a school uniform would reduce the forming of groups defined by their wardrobe. As all the students wear the same uniform, there will not be any status competition or inter-personal comparison between students’ clothes. For example, those students coming from lower-income households or having a bad taste of clothing will not be picked on by their peers because of their ‘poor’ or ‘weird’ clothing. Therefore, school uniforms increase the sense of unity among the student body and reduce the chances of bullying due to the type of clothing worn, which leads to a better social environment for students (Alexander & Alexander et al 2011. Kaplan et al 2010. Clark 2007. Gomez n.d.).
School uniforms also have a role in decreasing the incidence of violence and gang activity in school. As all the students wearing the school uniform look the same, it is pretty easy to identify someone who is not part of the school as he/she will not be wearing the school uniform. This way schools can make sure that no dangerous gangsters roam inside school grounds, thus limiting their influence on school students, especially those of urban schools. Moreover, school uniforms also discourage the displaying of gang colors by students and the hiding of weapons, which would have occurred if the wearing of baggy jeans would be allowed. School uniforms also reduce disciplinary issues and crime. For instance, there could be thefts and fights over designer jackets or expensive footwear if students were allowed to wear whatever they wanted. It was noted that ever since a district in California adopted a school uniform policy, crime fell by ninety-one percent, suspensions dropped by ninety percent, and possession of illegal substances declined by sixty-nine percent. This proves that there is a direct and substantial link to school uniforms and the decrease in school violence, gang activities, and crime (Gomez n.d.. National School Boards Association n.d.. Alexander & Alexander 2011. Duvall et al 2004).

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