Discussion on Geotechnical Desk Study-Foundation.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Geotechnical Desk Study-Foundation. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The foundation can either be a raft foundation or a footing foundation. The design of any foundation should be such that it is located within an adequate load-bearing stratum and also, it should be designed such that it is within a depth that is below the depth of the frost action (which is approximately 500 cm in the United Kingdom).
The design of the foundation follows two approaches, the permissible stress method that is described in BS8008:1986. The method aims at making sure that the load is applied to the foundation has been reduced such that it is significantly less than the design value the foundation can support. This is achieved by the application of a lumped factor of safety (Craig, 2004).
Another approach used in the design of the foundation is the limit state method. This method is described in Euro code 7. In this method, all the performance requirements of a given foundation must be able to satisfy all possible circumstances that may be encountered by the foundation.

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The Foundation of a structure is faced with several damages. Settlement of the foundation is one of the major damage experienced on many foundations. These settlements can either be structural, functional, or architectural. There are various classes of the settlement of the foundation which include the immediate settlement that occurs just after the construction process of a building has is completed, primary consolidation that is attributed to the gradual dissipation of pore pressure that is caused by external loading which results in the removal of water from the soil thus altering the volume of the soil. And finally, there is a secondary consolidation that takes place as a&nbsp.result of constant volume and effective stress change.
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