Discussion on History and Doctrine of the Wahhabis.

Hi, need to submit a 250 words paper on the topic History and Doctrine of the Wahhabis. The Wahhabi’s perception was to ward off evil to obtain a pure city. Further, they insisted on prayer, abolished use of drugs and alcohol and went ahead to burn the dwellings of those who lived in open wickedness.
The Wahhabis desire to destroy the tombs and graves of the saints was met by several objections. One objection supported its argument by depicting that construction of the graves served as a place of worship. Since the saints were said to be holy, offering prayers on top of their graves was to provide interception with God (Wahhab 2). However, it is proved beyond exceptional doubt that a curse was to befall whoever made the graves as prostration places. Another issue that Wahhabis tried to oppose was the kissing of the shrines. Opponents argued that it was a form of showing commitment, reverence, and devotion. However, this was unlawful since an individual was not allowed to go closer to a grave and was required to maintain distance with it as a sign of respect. Putting pictures, objects, and building of structures on top of graves was depicted as a sin. Wahhabism emphasized on conformity and inward faith of an individual. Additionally, they strived and still strive to be the embodiment of God’s law.
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