Discussion on how to get a job in information technology.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic how to get a job in information technology. In reality, IT professionals have to do some more to get a suitable job after completion of their four years of professional degree. They need more certifications, more skills, and some experience to get a job they have ever wanted.
Today, IT recruiters look for added skills when they look for employees. They look for special skills, certifications, and enthusiasm towards work while recruiting individuals. Even if a person has the right set of skills related to the job s/he is applying for, the recruiters ask for some entry-level job experience and practical job-related skills during interviews. This experience also refers to the projects that a candidate might have completed during graduation. Therefore, participating in the programming lab courses offered by the university and completing IT-based projects also add to the experience of the job applicants. The entry-level experience can also come if a person does a job for at least six months or one year after completion of education at some comparatively low profile IT center because getting a job in such companies is somewhat easier than fully professional and reputed companies. After getting some initial hands-on experience at such centers, a person can apply for a job in reputed companies because in that way they get the initial experience that IT recruiters usually look for in job applicants.
Another thing that IT job applicants need to do is to keep their professional working skills intact while getting training or doing a job in a low-profile IT center. The reason is that IT job is a comparatively less formal job, as compared to other jobs, such as accounting, engineering, and marketing. IT jobs are basically task-oriented jobs in which more focus on a person is on the completion of assigned tasks within time than on the job environment. It is not the case in every IT center but in most of the centers, people are required to get things done in any possible way. In such an&nbsp.environment, people may distract their attention from some essential professional work skills, such as professional communication skills, time management skills, dressing attitudes, and teamwork skills.

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