Discussion on I Have a Dream: by Martin Luther King Jr.

I will pay for the following article I Have a Dream: by Martin Luther King Jr. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Analysis of the use of visuals including PowerPoint, opening and closing strategies, and arguments is also essential. Finally, it will further evaluate the pathos and ethos, including the effectiveness of the speech on its delivery.
The argument presented by whoever composed this speech was timely and it ensured that through the speck and the arguments presented, one could understand what was being addressed. In terms of ethos and pathos, the speech presents an account of Martin Luther’s urge to fight for freedom. When he repeats the word freedom several times, it helps connect and engage the audience emotionally. He further talks of numerous states that have been sidelined in terms of development and offer a personal account that guarantees that all shall be well. This is essential because the audience that is being addressed has a connection with the inequality issues being addressed at that particular function. To some point, the speech instills a feeling of compassion and love for the states that have sidelines in terms of development. It elaborates on the importance of having to live in a country where people are treated equally. He elaborates that what was evident in America is not necessarily hatred, but it is based on numerous factors. By mentioning various states that must rise to the level of others clearly shows the passion a leader has for the well-being of his people. Rhetorically, the writer notes that whether white or black, people must co-exist and ensure that everyone rises above. He further notes that there is a need to have justice for those who are still suffering in a country where others are enjoying the fruits of collectivism.
In terms of strategies and methods used this masterpiece comes down to the voice, the content, structure, and rhetorical devices. One of the notable strategy or method used is that of emphasizing some of the phrases repeating at the commencement of sentences. One of the techniques used in the speech is anaphora, which is the repetition of words at the commencement of neighboring clauses. Firstly, anaphora is a frequently used rhetoric device, which helps set the pattern, and further repetition helps emphasize the pattern with the aim of increasing the magniloquence effect.

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