Discussion on immigration and social welfare

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on immigration and social welfare Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The origins of policy-making regarding immigration in the US was traced in 1790 when Congress designed a process to enable foreigners to become citizens (Congressional Budget Office (CBO), 2006, p.1). The policies were amended and revised depending on factors including the increasing number of people desiring entry to the US. the nature, personality, and nationality of people. and the relatives or family members already residing in the US, among others.
The subsequent significant events that transpired in the immigration policy of the US are summarized, to wit:
1875 – First federal law which prohibits the entry of prostitutes and criminals.

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1891 – Establishment of Immigration Service with the federal government assuming responsibility in processing entries to the US.
1921 – Enactment of the national-origins quota system (Quota Law).
1965 – Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments implemented the categorical preference system with numerical restrictions according to regions.
1976 – Categorical preference system with expanded Western Hemisphere applicants.
1978 – The Western and Eastern Hemisphere numerical restrictions indicated a ceiling of 290,000 per annum.
1990 – Immigration Act increased the annual worldwide ceiling to 675,000 with added diversity category (CBO, 2006, p. 1).
The policies on immigration were designed to ensure that a restricted number of foreigners are admitted and granted lawful entry to the United States for clearly defined reasons. As indicated by the CBO (2006), the goals reflected by the immigration policies in the US depend on the following factors: (1) to serve as a tool to reunite families where applicants have relatives previously residing in the country. (2) to fill employment vacancies deemed to need specific skills not eminent in current US labor pool. (3) for political, religious or racial asylum where people from originating countries face risk and threats of persecution. and (4) to encourage the entry of culturally diverse people from regions of low immigration status to the US (CBO, 2006, p. vii).
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