Discussion on Industrial Psychology: Costco.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Industrial Psychology: Costco. It needs to be at least 1250 words. The results of Costco speak for itself. From the time of opening its first store in 1983, Costco has now extended its arena to stores in 451 locations with employee strength of over 110,000. Costco, as of July 2009, is the third largest retailer in United States and the ninth largest retailer in the world. (Frank J. Landy) The employees at Costco are considered as the reasons for its success and are thus paid well and are cared for. Team working is encouraged a great deal and the rules are kept to a minimum (Michael R. Solomon). All this is done in order to give enough freedom or autonomy to the employees. This makes the employees feel at home even when they are working. Also, Costco makes sure that all the employees are able to have an adequate work-life balance. The management organizes periodic events in which even the families of Costco employees are invited. Costco culture is more of an informal nature. Costco has never emphasized on the need for a detailed set of rules for the employees (Aamodt). Costco trusts its employees to work diligently even in the absence of detailed rules and procedures. Costco has become an employer of choice due to its outstanding approaches to employee involvement and care.
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