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I will pay for the following article International Penology. The work is to be 9 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. A critical point worthy of note is that central to all the divisive debates as to how to deal with deviance is the universal consensus in frowning on deviance as a whole. Beyond this consensus then emerges the question of which approach in dealing with deviance is not just practical but above all sustainable and promotes the human cause.
It is therefore against this background that this essay will be conducting a critical analysis of the Marxist’s theoretical approach to conceptualizing the entire question of deviance before delving into the prime question of its management in contemporary times. Another cardinal facet of this essay is that inherently embedded in the deep question of criminal deviance within the framework of the penal system in use today amongst a good number of countries in the world today are deep-seated political, economic and social connotations—connotations that have far-reaching implications on how the question is appraised and subsequently being addressed. Within the scope of this essay, emphasis will be placed on a select handful of western countries to illuminate the analysis being made in this debate.
Marxist theories have a long stream of conceptualizing criminality beyond the traditional approach to understanding the evolution, structure, and dynamics of the device within a holistic milieu (Mintz, 1975, 153). Within this scope also, it is also understandable that if the current penal structure is refracted through the lens of Marxism then it becomes abundantly clear that the question stretches beyond a disconnected ideological theory base into distinct force that brings to the fore hitherto unknown facts that notwithstanding have a dramatic bearing on the subject of criminal deviance as the contemporary penal system portrays. the case becomes even very stronger if the practices in modern nation-states like the United States, Great Britain, and Japan which are classical examples of if you like neo-liberalization, are subjected to a microscopic analysis. Consequently, in what follows in the next few paragraphs is an exhaustive analysis of the penal system in western countries as a representation of an independently structured organization that revolves around political and economic gears.

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