Discussion on molasses spill in honolulu harbor and the clean water act.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on molasses spill in honolulu harbor and the clean water act. Governing bodies must secure that water and its sources are safe and sufficient for man’s consumption and for the sake of the environment as a whole.
Hawaii is established with its state rules and policies that serve to maintain water quality by setting up parameters to control water discharges from various institutions all over the country. The Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR 11-54 Water Quality) and the Clean Water Act are established by the government to have all waters all over the country to be kept clean for fishing and swimming. These policies are amended from time to time to control or end discharges of pollutants into the water and addressing any other water pollution concerns of the country (Hawaii Environment Association, 2009).
The island of Hawaii is surrounded by waters. There are around 400 public beaches along the 300 miles coastline of Hawaii (NDRC, 2013). It is but important to have these beaches protected and secured for public use such as swimming, fishing, and other recreational purposes. The Clean Water Act hand in hand with the Department of Health of Hawaii sought to have these bodies of water safe and secure for public use.

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The Clean Water Act of Hawaii requires all of the Nation’s discharges from both municipal and industrial sources to have discharge permits. It also sets national and uniform minimum treatment requirements for discharges from various sources. There is a required minimum secondary treatment for discharges from the municipal sources. Water discharges that have low levels of treatment and have no great impact on the water quality are the only ones allowed to be discharged to Hawaii’s bodies of water (Hawaii Environment Association, 2009).
Water pollution is addressed by the state’s Clean Water Act. One of the threats to the waters of Hawaii is the molasses spill on the waters. Hawaii is rich in sugar industries. One of the by-products of making sugar is molasses. Molasses are not&nbsp.thrown in the bodies of water. They are still useful for other food industries as molasses is still rich with fructose and glucose.
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