Discussion on nursing home culture change

I need some assistance with these assignment. nursing home culture change Thank you in advance for the help! The major culture change models developed over the years include Wellspring, Service House, Eden Alternative, and Regenerative Community. In the words of Grant (2008), these culture change models share the common goal of focusing more on ‘person-centered’ or ‘resident-directed’ care and developing new operational practices that would transform nursing home environments from an institution to home. This paper will discuss the business case for implementing nursing home culture change with particular focus given to for-profit organizations.
The culture change movement emerged in some isolated sectors of the nursing home industry during the late 1980s. At the initial stages, this movement was promoted by a variety of independent organizations. This initiative gained formal status in 2000 with the formation of the Pioneer Network and since then, the culture change movement has gradually grown in the US. The state culture change coalitions taken place in the US in the recent years have greatly contributed to this movement. According to the authors like Grant (2003) that the level of the feasibility of a culture change (CC) in the nursing home industry depends on some contextual factors such as leadership or organizational resources. In the view of the author, one of the major challenges associated with the culture change is that there is no common definition to describe the CC process and therefore there is a limited consensus regarding the implementation of CC. Grant (2003) continues that the CC process takes place through four distinct phases of organizational change and development, including the institutional model, the transformational model, neighborhood model, and household model. Institutional model is a conventional medical model characterized by the absence of permanent staff assignment. Under this model, the organizational structure is hierarchical and hence neither residents nor staff is focused.
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