Discussion on Opening a new restaurant in New york.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Opening a new restaurant in New york. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. It also helps in the management where it targets the set aims and objectives on how to attain them (Gumpert, 2004). Questions that are considered before coming up with a business plan include. what level of revenues and profits are available at that juncture? How many employees are needed to commence a company? How many locations are to be established to start with? A definite plan should also be able to reflect on the possible outcome of a shorter period like one year or below. This explains what tasks and aims should be included in the business plan to meet within one year’s time and should be successfu (Finch, 2010). Therefore, the plan will outline the type of loans that will be given to the organization, products and service involved, number of employees and their roles, staff policies, purchasing policies. The business plan is to cover the sales, objectives, strategies, marketing and financial overseas under which it helps to clarify our business ideas. It spot potential problems, set new goal and measure progress as to how the plan is structured. Therefore, this project is expected to work for eight traders who combined with their sole business and saw it necessary to come together and form a business plan. The program may help their partnership to help boost their profits (Gum pert, 2004).
The major success key being utilized by the business is location. As observed earlier, the company will be located in New York, which is very populated. The company will also combine other key elements such as quality and service differentiation with the aim of attracting more customers within the shortest period.
For the business to be effective, a number of staff estimated to work and help the manager include. the supply manager, purchase manager, accountant, marketing officers. In addition, advertising director, recruitment officer and subordinate staff should be included.

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