Discussion on patient engagement programs.

Compose a 250 words assignment on patient engagement programs. Needs to be plagiarism free! Summary Patients and family are vital in the whole health care system. Due to this, there are strategies that have been designed to improve the outcomes and quality of patient care. The strategies comprise refining the experience of patients by offering them quality health care and ensuring they are satisfied. It also entails improving the health of the entire population and providing an affordable health care. Patient engagement programs focus on encouraging the consumers who are the patients and family to maintain a healthy lifestyle and informs them on details about health and how to effectively manage chronic diseases.
The strategy design also focuses on forming a health information technology that will support the provision of quality health care for all the parties involved in the health care system including laboratory services. The strategy will also ensure that there is easy access to complete HIT that incorporates the long-term record of a patient electronically to EHR. The strategy designed will also be friendly with easy access to online materials.
The need to engage patients is due to the existence of regulatory mandates that demand the need of engaging patients when designing strategies. The growing demand for the use of digital technology development and its innovation have also encouraged the need for patient engagement in the health care system. The existence of personal information technology has enabled people to be more responsible for their health and get support on healthy lifestyles.

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PHIT entails communications that are all about secure communication with the relevant health providers. Convenient self-service is another category of PHIT that entails being able to locate a facility and make appointments. PHIT also involves personal health information that ensures access to personal data and being able to review medical information. Financial and education support are also part of PHIT that enables the ability to pay bills and get support from the community respectively. There is also the general capabilities in PHIT that enable management of insurance and coverage and being able to manage profile and analyze data on health.
Sarasohn-Kahn, J. (2013). Personal health information technology: Paradigm for providers and patients to transform healthcare through patient engagement. Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Publication. Retrieved from http://www.himss.org/ResourceLibrary/GenResourceReg.
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