Discussion on peace in world politics.

Write a 6 pages paper on peace in world politics. This essay stresses that if all the states in the world were to be democratic and these values and principles shared across the board then instances of armed conflicts would never arise. The universality of such shared principles among nations therefore will prompt peaceful coexistence amongst nations. Theoretically, the plausibility of peaceful relations among countries observing liberal principles is obvious, but the reality on the ground confirms a very different scenario. States are complex and the internal dynamics of countries and their relations to other countries might negate advancement towards peaceful coexistence. In fact, realist point out that such propositions are merely idealistic thinking and that results from the ground paints a very different picture. Currently countries such as the United States, Germany and Brazil are embroiled in disputes over claims that the United States has spied on their highest offices. Since these nations are very democratic and liberal, instances of armed conflicts can be a far-flung idea. Internationally, fear and distrust is not uncommon and this is the real picture, there is no even a single self-defining state that has the capability of exposing its states secrets to other nations, irrespective of the cordial relationship, which such States enjoy.
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