Discussion on sociotechnical systems and work approaches.

Need an research paper on sociotechnical systems and work approaches. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Different management approaches facilitated the adoption of the STS concept into organizations. The first approach is the scientific approach that used technical measures to assess commands in order to determine how work could be implemented in an efficient way. This approach discovered different principles of scientific management, such as managers were to replace the traditional systems with new technical guidelines (Wolf, Finnie & Gibson, 2008). It also involved the management hiring and developing workers to embrace the specialization of tasks. The other scientific principle was ensuring that employees work towards accomplishing plans. The managers were also required to ensure that there was a proper division of labor between the administration and staff (McLaughlin, 2009). The significance of this approach is that it emphasized the call for cooperation between the management and the personnel, which is a requirement of the STS. The cooperation aspect in the organization operates through shared decision making between the top management and the junior workers.
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