Discussion on standardisation versus adaptation.

Write 8 pages thesis on the topic standardisation versus adaptation. In the recent past, economies of various parts of the world have experienced tremendous change due to the fast changes in technology and socio-economic patterns.&nbsp. These changes have raised various issues. One of them is the international communication strategies for a global company. A standardized communication process among all kinds of customers has been criticized. It is on the basis of the differences in consumer choices and preferences across various consumer groups.&nbsp. There have been various debates on global marketing mix strategies for the international market. Lots of studies and opinions have been developed. (For example, Ghoshal, 1987. Jain, 1989. Levitt, 1983. Quelch and Hoff, 1986)The communication process for the different markets focusing on advertising issues, its objectives, message, presentation and various decisions related to advertising has gained the attention and interest of most of the researchers. It was early 1960 when the issue of advertising standardization in foreign markets was first discussed. (Elinder, 1961. Fatt, 1964)
Any product or service is the result of the needs and wants of buyers and consumers. This is the basic factor of any communication process. The objective of communication can be knowledge, persuasion, purchase, interest, and others. All of it is based on the basic factor of the ‘need’ of the consumer. Various authors and researchers have focused on this factor for the international communication strategy as well as advocating the universal advertising approach (Fatt, 1967. Buzell, 1968. Sorenson and Weichmann, 1975. Killough, 1978. Levitt, 1983).&nbsp.Cost-effectiveness, clarity of message, utilization of minimum resources to achieve maximum gains and consistent brand and corporate image can be maintained through the standard communication process. In this process, the organization does not have to deal with multiple media agencies. The overall coordination process would be smoother as compared to dealing with multiple companies.
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