Discussion on sustainable building technology.

Need an research paper on sustainable building technology. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism. Going green includes a reduction in environmental pollution, which has gained momentous attention from climate change through awareness campaigns. Equally, the economic and social implications of the building and construction industry form a part of important regulatory criteria for modern structures as proposed and enforced by professional institutions. Due to the controversy on the debate on sustainable practices, and environmental impacts of certain human activities and projects raise questions on the regulation of projects that were erected before the strict regulations were instituted (Pearce 203).
The construction of nearly all residential houses and flats around Central Hounslow took place in the years when the themes of sustainable building and construction began to make sense. However, redevelopment of the residential areas to acquire sustainable project status has upgraded a majority of the buildings to the modern stricter regulations. In view of personal experience upon growing up in the Central Hounslow Block 1243A neighborhood, there are several areas of improvement and upgrading that ought to be included in the upgrading procedures. With regard to the requirements of sustainable construction projects, several considerations on the old Central Hounslow residential houses illustrate the specificity of the improvement proposed by modern regulations.
The project’s compliance level with proposed environmental regulations misses several basic sustainability concepts required in design for environment (DfE) standards. The connection between promoting the ecosystem and the erection of the project is hard to trace. Energy efficiency infrastructure and potential in the building are perhaps poorly coordinated, apart from energy conservation promotions sensitizing residents to keep energy wastage at minimum. To illustrate this, the management has ensured that every family living in the residential area uses power-saving lights by providing free power saver bulbs, and advocates for the use of power-saving gadgets.&nbsp.

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