Discussion on the great topic of marijuana in the tropical paradise in the caribbean.

Create a 9 pages page paper that discusses the great topic of marijuana in the tropical paradise in the caribbean. From that initial information, it got more interesting as I read further about how this particular plant also shaped Jamaican cultural and religious practices. it is believed it is also instrumental in the development of one of Jamaica’s most famous exports – reggae music. Its most prominent icon about reggae was Bob Marley who admitted to being a member of Rasta that uses marijuana for its religious ceremonies. He often used to smoke this so-called “funny smoke cigarettes” to get inspired when composing his music in which his album “Exodus” was voted the most outstanding album of the twentieth century, beating the other musician notables like Elvis Presley, John Lennon and Michael Jackson in the process. Anyway, I found out Mr Manley was a socialist democrat and implemented political and economic policies that caused havoc with his country’s economy (The Economist). Many investors left and even Jamaicans also migrated in numbers to places New York and Miami in Florida and Ontario and Vancouver in Canada. Some went to communist Havana in Cuba. Although both countries were similar in socialist policies, some Jamaicans considered Cuba to be better than their own country where supermarket shelves were not empty. Tourists going to Jamaica had dwindled to almost nothing due to the gang wars and political violence. The country relied on the tourism sector as a major foreign exchange earner because Jamaica is a tropical paradise. Mr Manley lost the elections in 1980 and got replaced by the conservatives.
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