Discussion on the inspiration of african leadership.

Need an research paper on the inspiration of african leadership. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Firstly, one of the greatest qualities that Nelson Mandela possessed is with regard to his seeming inability and/or refusal to give up on his understanding of right and wrong. At the time in which Nelson Mandela became involved in politics, South Africa was an apartheid state. This meant that as a black South African, the individuals in power in South Africa all but ignored his pleas for greater equality and fairness within the nation. Yet, whereas lesser individuals might have simply given up on the hopes of transforming an intractable and racist society into one that was more fair and equitable to black Africans, Mandela continues to campaign and promote the ideals that he understood as central to the development and morality of the nation he calls home. Yes, even though it might have been possible for some individuals to continue their campaign for decency and integrity within, the hardships that Nelson Mandela other with help to further separate this level of dedication to the cause that he had labor towards. Even though it is, of course, possible that other individuals who had engaged in the same level of dedication towards the ideals that Mandela espoused, it is without question that he was the most resolute in continuing to promote the ideals he at first established.
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