Discussion on The Other Wonders of the World.

I will pay for the following article The Other Wonders of the World. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. One of the remarkable architectures of this era is the Swiss Re tower. Its aerodynamic shape which looks like a pinecone has been given a nickname ‘the Gherkin’ by the residents of London. Because of its shape and structure, it is called the 1st environmental office building. Its architect Norman Foster wanted to create a skyscraper that was in harmony with nature. This is the main reason for this oddly shaped pinecone building. The aerodynamic design of the building allows the wind to flow around its surface generating pressure difference and thus natural air ventilation inside the building is produced through wind tunnels that have been designed specifically for this purpose.
The building structure is a double-curved geometry. The Gherkin is structured in such a way that the office space is 450,000 square feet. To build the complex architectural design of the building parametric modeling was used. It has a “circular plan that widens as it rises from the ground and then tapers towards its apex” (Great Buildings). To build this tall tower, a grid of diagonally intertwined steel fundamentals was used as a central core and perimeter. The main reason behind using this was to create triangular structures with diagonal support beams (diagrid) which would act as a load-bearing facet. By using the diagrid, an interior space was created that had no column support. Due to the diagrid, the exterior look of the building was given using thousands of glass panels.
To enter this enormous office building, triangular archways have been made in the structure.

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Lloyds Building is another remarkable modern structure of the City of London designed by Richard Roberts. Richard’s design is the most brilliant anyone has seen. It is a combination of an old building and a new building with the use of modern technology. It is a 12 story building which has now become the most controversial architectural topics in the UK. The Lloyds building marks the beginning of a new industrial revolution that is backed by modern technology. The building has 3 main towers and 3 service towers.
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