Discussion on The Republic of India.

Need help with my writing homework on The Republic of India. Write a 2500 word paper answering; India, just like any other country, has a higher life expectancy among females as compared to males. However, the total population’s life expectancy is quite low, and with the high technology of India, which can maintain the health of its citizens, it is hard to explain the low life expectancy. However, their life expectancy is more or less associated with the religious life expectancy written in the Bible (Strachey 5). The total population’s life expectancy varies between sixty-nine and seventy years. This is quite a figure, but as compared to the rest of the world, India should have a higher life expectancy. The females have a life expectancy of seventy-two years while for the males it is sixty-seven years. There is a huge difference of about five years between the two sexes, and this is due to the biological traits of women not just in India but globally (Gupta 18).
India is one of the most developed countries in the world, and following this, the literacy levels are phenomenal as they are significantly in charge of education until the university level. With its high population, schools are widely spread, and they take the largest part of India. Indians travel especially to the United States of America to seek further education. The education quality in India involves more the application of skills, and the medical field has widely grown compared to other fields. Most Indians are literate, and they possess the world’s greatest medicine experts (Mohan and Singh 31).
Like any other country, urban life is better in India than the life in rural areas, and the country’s GDP is to a higher percentage contributed by the urban dwellers. However, calculating the country’s per capita income, that is, per household, is quite discouraging as India is not ranked among the top hundred countries in the world despite its industrialization. The per capita income is about twelve hundred dollars.

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