Discussion on website critique: webmd.

Need an research paper on website critique: webmd. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Another aspect that is important in assessing health-related websites is that their purpose should be obvious and definite (Boklaschuk & Caisse, 2001). The purpose of the site can be clearly inferred, that is to offer information to its audience about the different dimensions of life such as pregnancy, menopause, parenting, sex and relationships, mental health, eating, and diet, etc and also give information on how to lead a better and healthy lifestyle. The website clearly states that it ‘does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment’ (Terms and conditions of use, 2009).
The information that is offered by the website does not come out to be an infomercial, that is, the information is not a commercial camouflaged as health education (Boklaschuk & Caisse, 2001). This is evident from the complete information the site provides on health issues and keeping advertisements aside.
Furthermore, there is no business in the information provided by the website. The writers of the articles discuss all the aspects involved in a specific topic. For example in leading a healthy lifestyle, the site offered information on how to get pregnant faster. the author provided both the dos and the don’ts that women need to follow in order to achieve this feat (Mann, 2008).

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Even though, the website offers information on numerous topics but still it covers all the aspects involved in the subject. For example, the site provides readers with information on sleep disorders. Along with a general outline and facts of the disorder, information on its signs and kinds, identification and examinations, handling, and how to manage the disorder is also provided. Furthermore, the website also provides readers with useful external links through which readers can access relevant information (Sleep disorders, No date). The website does not provide the diagnoses or treatment advice itself. rather it provides links through which various articles of highly qualified medical personnel can be accessed for these matters.
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