Discussion on wester civilization: the italian renaissance

I need some assistance with these assignment. wester civilization: the italian renaissance Thank you in advance for the help! In the year 1347, a merchant ship that was traveling from Crimea, central Asia docked in Sicily at a place called Messina with a crew of sailors who were desperately ailing. In the process of taking them ashore, rats, with fleas infected with bubonic plague bacterium, also left the ship. This marked the arrival of the Black Death in Europe. Eventually, this plague, in its several shapes, would slay up to at least one-third of Europe’s population, instigating among the nobility fierce disastrous power struggles, peasant revolts, and economic depression. Nevertheless, a new spirit cropped up from this near-total disaster –the deaths caused an immense deficiency of workers with the demand for workers leading to an increase in wages. Serfdom became outdated and due to higher wages, many peasants’ living standards increased. Consecutively, there was the rise of wealthy merchant families that provided the incentive, resources, and money for the Renaissance. The medieval society’s exhaustion motivated northern Italy’s intellectuals to make a new start by creating a new civilization through pursuing rebirth and revival that would be referred to as the Renaissance. This drastic break with antiquity was just the start. (Brown, L. 2007).
This paper provides a discussion on the Italian Renaissance.&nbsp.
The word Renaissance, a French word that Jules Michelet, a French historian coined and which Jacob Burckhardt, a Swiss historian expanded in the nineteenth century literally means rebirth. It refers to a period of the humanistic revival of architecture, classical art, literature, and learning. We can also refer to it as a cultural progression that began in the fourteenth century in Italy later spreading all over Europe and that lasted through the sixteenth century marking the transition to modern from medieval times. According to Shannon, Renaissance is the transition era into the modern-day.&nbsp.

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