Discussion on Why do Figure Scenes Appear on Geometric Vase.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Why do Figure Scenes Appear on Geometric Vase. It needs to be at least 1750 words. This is because the absence of any original and crucial sculpture or painting from ancient Greece has made these vases to be the primary surviving source of details regarding the Greek art and its evolution. Among the different periods, the Geometric period is a crucial one as it was during this period innovation and transformation were bustling in Greek society as well as in the Greek arts. Many key Greek artistic works from buildings, sculptures, literary works, to pottery vases evolved optimally, leading to the creation of many unique and longstanding works. Vases made during the Geometric period exhibited specific and at the same innovative patterns particularly that of figurative scenes. These figurative scenes were primarily incorporated during the Geometric period by the makers or sculptors using certain distinctive techniques, even as they reflected Greece’s social aspects of that time. So, focusing on the Geometric period of Greece and few works of that period like the Neck Amphora with Two Horsemen, an evaluation will be done regarding why figurative scenes were featured on geometric vases, that too using certain techniques and the ways these vases reflected iconography as well as the wider social context of the development of Geometric Greece acropolis.
As mentioned above, the Geometric period of Greece (ca. 900 to 700 B.C.) is a crucial period of Greece’s history and is even known as the period during which the ‘seeds’ of Classical Greece were laid. This period witnessed a dramatic transformation in various facets of Greek life, particularly in arts. It was during this period many of well-known Greek institutions and Greek arts evolved. Speaking of Greek institutions, the Greek city-state (polis) was formed, the Greek alphabet was developed, large temples and sanctuaries dedicated to patron deities were construction which in a way signaled the rise of the state religion. When the art forms are focused, Homer’s epic poems were&nbsp.written during this period. As far as the Greek art of pottery is concerned, it evolved strongly and innovatively during this period thereby becoming the most prominent art form during that period. That is, although other art forms like sculpture and paintings were created during the Geometric period, it was minimal when compared to the vases and also most of them have decimated over the years. “Geometric pots are almost the only non-perishable Greek objects of their time which were exported to non-Greek lands”. So, as these vases have maximally survived all these years to reflect those times and importantly as vases were primarily made in that period over other art forms, the Geometric art period is mainly characterized by vases particularly vases with geometric motifs.
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