Discussion poem on The Road Not Taken”

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on journals Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! “The Road Not Taken” This is a poem that indicates a lack of direction, lack of focus by a man whose decision making is characterized by confusion and uncertainty. It’s a poem depicting a decision making crisis of a lifetime, where any decision made determines the destiny of the person. It’s a poem replicating real life circumstances, which are equally important to a person, yet only one can suit the individual at a time. Worse still, it’s a situation that means taking an opportunity and foregoing the other. It’s a complex situation marking a journey started, yet with no clear sense of direction. The problem of decision making that requires an individual to balance between good and bad. While good is not very promising, bad is neither the best option. This signifies a life situation that requires concrete decision making on serious issues. Such situations require an individual to compromise on one aspect or the other, yet the aspect to compromise is not as clear. Visualizing clearly the right decision to make troubles this person. He thinks of taking both opportunities, but there is only one option at a time. Taking either option would mean no opportunity to take the second. However, in every confusing situation, there is always a more promising option. Regardless of how complex the situation in life can be, there is always a better way out. The confused individual looks at both options carefully and takes the best, hoping to try the other, if life allows a chance. This is a poem depicting real life, informing people that compromising situation must occur, and calling for people to ponder more and be decisive.
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