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1. According to the laws of motion, Is perpetual motion possible? Please explain you answer by discussing the Newton’s three laws of motion. Make sure that you provide a specific example that best describes or explains your answer.
2. Is chemistry the study of the submicroscopic, the microscopic, the macroscopic, or all three? Defend your answer by providing applications of, examples of, or models of chemistry.
3. A number of online websites, such as (www.footprintnetwork.org) allow you to calculate your personal ecological footprint. Use one of these sites to calculate your ecological footprint. What are five specific things you could do to reduce your ecological footprint? Drawing from the week’s resources, describe and explain the ways in which these specific things can positivity effect your interaction with your environment.
4. There is a saying: “The solution to pollution is dilution.” Do you think this is a good general rule? Explain your rationale. Drawing from the week’s resources, explain some possible limitations of this approach to controlling water pollution.
5. Summarize the “big bang theory” and discuss its meaning and importance. Explain what is meant by the “expanding universe”. Explain either how the Doppler Effect provides evidence for the expanding universe concept, or, if you believe the universe is contracting, provide evidence and explanation to support your position.
Participation Requirements:

Each question must be 350 words in length with proper punctuation, capitalization, and grammar.
Include supportive evidence, such as direct applicable experience and expert sources.

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