Below are various discussion post that needs to be answered within 450-500 words each. 1. At least one reference for discussion.
In the field of education, ideas often repeat themselves. Which current ideas in higher education could be identified as emerging during the period from 1620-1800? To what extent do these ideas remain viable today? Explain.

Cohen and Kisker posited that there are three questions that originated in higher education leadership in the period from 1620-1800: What shall be taught? Who shall learn it? Who shall pay for it? Which question do you believe has the greatest influence on current practice in higher education leadership? Support your position.
What three issues emerging since 1800 have exerted the most significant influence on higher education? Which of these still exert the same caliber of influence? What strategies will you, as an educational leader, implement to solve these issues that remain?
What three practices emerging since 1800 have exerted the most significant influence on modern higher education practices? Why do you believe these practices had such a significant influence?
Recent decades have seen a rise in the number of for-profit institutions of higher education in America. Leaders in some traditional, non-profit higher education institutions have been quick to label these institutions as “diploma mills” and assert that for-profit status diminishes the caliber of education provided and places students at a disadvantage when entering the work force. Do the leaders of these traditional, non-profit institutions raise a valid concern? Why or why not?
Consider some of the issues in American higher education such as the potential of massive open online courses (MOOCs), the rise in for-profit higher education institutions, and the significant influence of accrediting bodies on institutions of higher education. Do these issues effect the global higher education community? Why or why not?
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