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This paper should be written in APA format.
4-5 pages not including the title page.
Below I have attached all the instructions from my instructor and also I have attached a sheet with the questions from my interview.

The Diverse Experience of Culturally Diverse People: An Investigation Project Interview a person from any of the following groups that’s not of your own: African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, or Native Americans. (Example of interview is included at the end of this syllabus). Whatever you choose, you must engage with others during the experiences, observe without gawking, be open to the experiences, share at least some of yourself—if at all possible—and be aware of how you feel being different from the others you are with. Do not be an embarrassment to yourself or insensitive to others. This growth should not impede or be burdensome to others. It also should not be overwhelmingly fearful or disastrously uncomfortable for you. Yet you must be willing to go outside of your comfort zone. If there is any doubt about whether your learning experiences will meet the required criteria, check with me BEFOREHAND. Some experiences will not meet the requirements for these assignments. An example of an experience that would NOT be acceptable would be going to a Christian Church of a different denomination if you are Christian. Must be written in APA style and at lest 4 to 5 pages in length, this is not to include the title page.
Include ALL of the items below. Points will be deducted for poor grammar, pronunciation, and the absence of or inadequate answering of any of the items below.
1) briefly identify the experience
2) summarize the experiences
3) discuss why you chose that experience
4) share your preconceptions and assumptions prior to the experience
5) discuss your feelings & reactions to the experience/the
6) tell what personal biases/ethical issues might be/might have been involved for you regarding this experience
7) tell what you learned anew and/or verified about the culture and/or the people
8) tell what you learned about yourself
9) tell if you were changed by the experience; why or why not
10) tell what you would do differently if you repeated the experiences
11) tell what you would heed or keep in mind if counseling someone from this culture; do not include general info (i.e. good to be open-minded) but address info specifically relative to culture you experienced (i.e. Many Native Americans still follow a nature-focused religion and/or spirituality).
Evaluation of presentations will be based on:
1) knowledge of topic & 2) ability to convey knowledge
3) organization
4) overall presentation
5) following instructions completely & correctly
6) grammar & pronunciation

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