Do not forget to include your references (both in-text and in a reference page).

Do not forget to include your references (both in-text and in a reference page). Your Final Project is worth 200 possible points.Part A: Please provide the following information for the Health Belief Model, the Theory of Reasoned Action/Theory of planned Behavior, Transtheoretical Model, Social Cognitive Theory, and Protection Motivation Theory: (100 Possible Points)1. History of the theory/model.2. Overview of the theory/model (including the purpose and the constructs)3. A graph or figure of the model (you can create this or find one online)Part B: Using the same theories from A, please find one article (must be peer reviewed) that demonstrates the application of the theory/model. Please provide a 300 – 400 word discussion of the article (this should focus on the application of the theory/model) for TWO OF THE THEORY/MODELS. (50 points)Part C: Choose one of the theories/models from part A and explain it in terms of ONE (1) health behavior. In other words, you should discuss how your theory/model would be utilized to motivate health behavior change. You should make certain that you accurately explain each construct (at least two pages): (50 Points)

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