Does gratitiude and thankfukness really make a difference?

Writing Assignment 2 Final Paper: Use the library database and find one more primary research article to add more depth to your research paper that you received feedback on. You need to revise, edit and lengthen the paper you already submitted. Fix the mistakes you made in paper one and be sure to focus the paper on answering the research question. This is not meant to be a sequential review of the articles you found. State the research question and attempt to address the question and support your statements with research results. Please read the directions for Writing Assignment 2 found under the course document button. Examine the sample paper and use it as a template for your paper. Submit your finished paper (word file) to the turnitin link for Writing Assignment 2 at our blackboard site. This is a minimum of 3 pages of text, plus the cover page and reference page. Page total is 5 and it is worth 200 points. (Due Friday, 30 October 2020)
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