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I need some assistance with these assignment. duke energy international Thank you in advance for the help! Admittedly, a team is likely to develop conflicts of various kinds which will result in reduced productivity. So, in order for an organization to have an enhanced productivity, innovation, creativity, and agility through conflict resolution it is necessary to have a conflict resolution strategy that defuses tension, antagonism, and animus. According to Gatlin, Wysocki, and Kepner (2009), there are various factors that lead to conflict in an organization. and they are the following: ineffective communication, differences in opinions, behavioral norms and expectations, and differences in working styles.
A look into the Duke Energy’s profile proves that the company has a diverse workforce, as well as my team of fourteen members. While 86% of the employees are white, the remaining contains African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, American Indians, and Pacific Islanders (Duke Energy International, 2008). That means the possibility of conflicts is rather high in the organization. The company points out in its sustainability report that it tries its best to develop a workplace that respects diversity and inclusion. Despite its best efforts, the company’s diversity and inclusion policy get a lower score than its most other areas of leadership (Duke Energy International, 2008). This indicates that the conflict resolution strategies adopted by the company are not as effective as the company intends, and hence, it is useful to analyze how the management could use various strategies to manage conflict.
According to Thomas and Kilmann (1974), there are five styles of dealing with conflict. The styles are competition, collaboration, compromise, accommodation, and avoidance.&nbsp.

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