During the course project, we are assessing how the instructional design model A

During the course project, we are assessing how the instructional design model ADDIE—analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation—can be applied to a real-world organizational training need or to a higher education curriculum project. Each week, we are assessing a new step by creating relevant documents for a specific problem of interest. This week’s focus is the design step.Week 2 Instructions:This week, you will begin completing a Course Design Template that you will add to and improve (your progressive content) each week. This week, you will address components that define instructional objectives and design in terms of sequencing and strategies. The Course Design Template is organized as a series of tables with information for you to complete. The template provides further clarification on what pieces of information you will need to provide. You will also need to provide brief narrative analysis for some of the information you list in the tables. See the Template for additional details and guidance.Tasks:Using your analysis summary (Week 1) as a guide, restate the three primary goals of the proposed organizational training program or higher education curriculum.Compose 4 to 6 objectives, utilizing terminology from Bloom’s taxonomy and aligned to your primary goals. Each of your primary goals should have a minimum of one corresponding objective. The connection between goals and objectives may be direct or indirect. For an organizational training focus, you may need to consider using the complete SMART framework.Using a five-week structure, your knowledge of the learner audience, and the course objectives, draft anticipated topics for each week/unit of your curriculum and then propose an appropriate content type, initial presentation, and generative strategy for each week/unit.Note. You may select a different length or unit (for example, 4 organizational training sessions, but will need to defend those alternative choices in your completed template).Note. In some instances, objectives and the material used to achieve those objectives may overlap. A simple structure would be one objective per week with the accompanying topics, content type, presentation, and generative strategy for each. However, course (and training) construction is often more complex. A curriculum/training might have more than one objective per week (or unit) and the content type, presentation, and generative strategy may overlap or blend to achieve the objectives. You may find it helpful to focus on primary content type, presentation, and generative strategy each week/unit.

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