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Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Dynamic System Development Method. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. DSDM is most suitable for systems that are being developed over a limited span of time (Stampleton, 2000). It is also preferable where the requirements cannot be halted at the beginning of the application development process. Using this approach the phases of development may not be clearly defined since the analysis, design, and development stages may overlap. For instance, the software developers could be working on some requirements while developing some applications for the system. This approach also emphasizes the involvement of the users on the system in its development (Futrell, 2006). This approach seeks to develop and deliver systems on time. This approach is also suitable for dynamic system requirements that are prone to change within the development process.
The DSDM approach is made up of a 5 phase life cycle that includes feasibility study, business study, functional model iteration, design, and building iteration and implementation (Katonya, 2007). I preferred to use the DSDM approach for the development of my workflow customer management system mainly due to the time constraints that I am facing. Given the limited amount that I have available to developing and delivering the system, this approach would be the most suitable. I also chose to use this approach due to its flexibility in system development. This makes the development of the online workflow customer management system easier since I have the choice of either using the structured or the object-oriented approach (Katonya, 2007).
In addition to the continuous user involvement in the development process, it will be easier to identify and correct errors in the system. It will also be easier to follow the user requirements due to user involvement in system development. I also found this approach preferable due to its dynamism thus it will be easier to adjust to the user requirements that are prone to change from time to time (Puntambekar, 2008).&nbsp.

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