Electronic Health Record System Paper

1.Compile a list of criteria on which you will evaluate potential EHR. Each criterion should include a short title and a 1- to 2-sentence description.
a.Use the US EMR Adoption Model (HIMSS, 2012 in Glandon, 2018) as a guide for developing criteria for levels of functionality in your rubric. You should have at least one criterion for each of the seven stages in the EMR Adoption Model.
b.Find at least one scholarly reference on EHR impact on productivity and performance. Use this reference to develop one or two criteria addressing this area.
c.Find at least one scholarly reference on usability and the amount of stress caused in health care providers related to EHR. Use this reference to develop one or two criteria addressing this area.
2.For each criterion, develop 1- to 2-sentence descriptions of meeting that criterion at levels of excellence, acceptable, and unacceptable.
3.Arrange your criteria in a Word document table, assigning point values to each criterion, with the total number of points being 100. Use the following example as a guide.





Stage 2: Document Imaging
EHR should support scanning and including paper health documents for inclusion and reference in a patient record.

5 Points
Documents can be scanned directly into the EHR or imported from other electronic sources. Multiple documents can be viewed directly in the EHR without requiring external software and can be exported in maximally compatible formats.

3 Points
Documents can only be imported from external sources. Document viewing requires external software, or documents are impossible to view in parallel with other records.

0 Points
Document imaging is not supported.

Table 1. EMR Adoption Model Rubric
Length: 1-2 pages with summary abstract, not including title and reference pages
References: Include a minimum of 3 scholarly resources
Complete EMR; External HIE; Data Analytics, Governance, Disaster Recovery, Privacy And Security
Technology Enabled Medication, Blood Products, And Human Milk Administration; Risk Reporting; Full CDS
Physician Documentation Using Structured Templates; Intrusion/Device Protection
CPOE With CDS; Nursing And Allied Health Documentation; Basic Business Continuity
Nursing And Allied Health Documentation; EMAR; Role-Based Security
CDR; Internal Interoperability; Basic Security
Ancillaries – Laboratory, Pharmacy, And Radiology/Cardiology Information Systems; PACS; Digital Non-DICOM Image Management
All Three Ancillaries Not Installed

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