engineering lab

Use the MSU Research Databases, Google Scholar, or other available computer resources to search for the two articles that you will use for your upcoming Research Assignment #2 topics (which were individually assigned and posted a few days ago). The articles MUST be ones which you can download/save as pdf files only…no exceptions. If you cannot download and save it, you cannot use it!
You will learn to use the Purdue OWL website for basic formatting rules of writing a reference (bibliographical citation) in APA format. You must include both citations in a Microsoft Word document. The direct webpage is found at:…

Place both of these article citations under a heading named ‘References’.

In the articles which you select, find at least 4-6 new acronyms (e.g., not basic ones already discussed from our lectures such as RAM, Mb, sD, EULA, etc.) in total. A good author will/should ALWAYS write what an acronym means before the actual acronym in their article. Next, after the Reference section, you will write the 1st acronym along with what the acronym means (write out the full words). Lastly, follow the acronym with an APA in-text citation. Repeat these steps until you reach 4-6 acronyms in total.

As an example, if I wrote an article in 2009 which showed a new acronym (i.e., one which you may have never seen or heard of before) named ‘MILP’, here’s what you should write:
1. MILP = Mixed-Integer Linear Program (Pitts, 2009)
…repeat until you have 4-6 in total

Save your work on your OWN flash drive, in your Google Drive, DropBox, iCloud, OneDrive, and/or email accounts, or any other way in which you can retrieve the information later on. ALWAYS back up your work!

Lastly, save this lab assignment as both Word and .pdf formats and submit both files (i.e., the Word document and the .pdf of your assignment) along with both .pdf articles that you have found. Submit all 4 files to me by the assignment deadline.
At the top of page 1, please include the following information:

Name: John Doe (but please use your real name here)
Class: IEGR 204.001
Date: 2/14/18
Assignment Name: Lab #1: Research & Acronyms
NOTE: If you end up using two other articles in your final Research Assignment #2, then that is ok as well.The post engineering lab first appeared on Term Paper Tutors.

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