Ethical Analysis of Hurricane Katrina Disaster.

I will pay for the following article Ethical Analysis of Hurricane Katrina Disaster. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
A group called Taxpayers for Common sense (Tax Payers for Common Sense) is one such group which has posted about the government contract information and has indicated about what amount is being spent and who is actually receiving the benefits. The statistics revealed by this group are very shocking and alarming. Any regular taxpayer would feel amazed and disgruntled to see his hard earned money being wasted in the name of helping people. Some of the expenditures, done in the name of providing relief and welfare to the victims, reported by this website include $25,078 to purchase laptop computers, $92.28 for a knife, $2950 for a wristwatch $1050,000 for computer software, $281,200 for athletic and sports equipment and $2,115,000 for envelopes and papers. These statistics clearly reflect the unethical practices carried out by the government in the name of welfare. Firstly, it is hard to believe that the government would go ahead and pay such high prices for these items. The departments responsible for purchases have either being totally ignorant on what price they should pay or have purposely ignored them.
On the other hand, even if we ignore the prices of these items and just look at the names, it also appears to be another great shock. The items being bought are mostly items of luxury which do not play a great part in a person’s everyday life. Spending on items like athletic and sports equipment, computer software and Pen Activated Computer Tablets are a sheer wastage of important welfare funds. This also indicates that there has been no audit done by any authority to verify whether the items being purchased are of necessity or not. Any taxpayer, who gets detached with his hard earned money taken in the name of tax by the government, would want to protest against the unnecessary spending done by the government.

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The reason why this becomes an ethical issue is that these actions are legal, but are not correct from a social perspective. There is always a limited amount that is allocated to carrying out the relief efforts.
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