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Ethics Case Study
Ethical dilemmas are very difficult to resolve because no course of action will be a perfect solution. In such situations, critically analyzing and thinking about all applicable ethical principles is important to help make the most ethical decisions possible.
In this assignment, you will use professional guidelines and tools to devise a strategy to address an ethical dilemma and evaluate the usefulness of those guidelines and tools.

Resolve the ethical dilemma and multicultural issues presented in the case study scenarios linked in Resources, and apply the material to this assignment.

To create an effective resolution, reflect on your responses to related discussion questions and review the recommendations made on your posts by peers.

Use the Ethics Case Study Template linked in Resources to build your PowerPoint presentation.

As in the previous assignment, you may enhance the design of the presentation to make it more effective.

Your PowerPoint should include the following:

Title slide:

Enter a descriptive title of approximately 5–15 words that concisely communicates the heart of the case study. It should stir interest while maintaining professional decorum.
Enter your name, a job title, and an organization that would fit with your case study. These last two elements may be fictional.

Case Study Overview slides: Provide the briefest possible narrative of the professional conflict in the case. Additional supporting details and references may be added in the notes section below the slide. The overview should include:

The professional setting of the case.
Short descriptions of the people involved and their roles.
A concise summation of the ethical dilemma.

Ethical Concerns slides: Bullet three or more ethical concerns in the case and apply one or more ethical standards to each concern. Additional supporting details and references may be added in the notes section below the slide. Be sure to include links to pertinent elements of the code.
Comparison of Ethical Theories slides: In the first row of the table provided, identify two ethical theories that you think would be the most appropriate for the situations in the case. In the following rows, compare relevant features of the two theories. In the notes section, evaluate which theory provides a more functional framework for your case and explain why.

Note that ethical theories and ethical decision-making models are two different things. Please make sure you are comparing, contrasting, and evaluating two ethical theories.

Ethical Decision-Making Model slides:

Use Fisher’s ethical decision-making model and identify each step in the model.
Apply the model to your case and, under each step of the model, describe how that step would look if applied to the case.
Incorporate multicultural issues presented in the case study within the selected ethical decision-making model.
Copy this slide as needed and combine steps on the slides as necessary or appropriate. In the notes section, include supporting narrative details for your bullet points.

Please make sure you are applying steps of the ethical decision-making model to your case.

Proposed Resolution slide: Use bullet points to summarize your proposed resolution to the ethical dilemmas in the case. In the notes section, add supporting narrative details for your bullet points.
References slides: Use current APA style and formatting guidelines.

Additional Requirements

Written communication: Should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
Format: Use the Ethics Case Study Template linked in Resources. Use current APA style and formatting guidelines as applicable.
References: You must cite best practices from at least three scholarly research articles in this assignment. You may cite reputable sources from websites, books, textbooks, and assigned resources as well, but these will not count toward the three required scholarly research references.

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